A10 2560 V 4.0 3D Touch dont work

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A10 2560 V 4.0 3D Touch dont work

Post by giselegadot3 » Fri Sep 24, 2021 4:16 pm


I have a problem with my A10 with a 2560 V4.0 board. I cannot find any firmware with 3D Touch support only for V3.x or for V4.1
I've tried these but it didn't work.
And I've tested with the A10T that support the V4.0 board, but it doesn't work, the 3D touch only makes the self-test pin in pin out, when I start the printer, it turns on the red LED and that's it.

Please can some one tell me which Firmware is the right for my Printer and Board are.

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