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Printing full colour 3d models with a two kits Geeetech i3 pro C and colorpod

Posted: Mon Sep 20, 2021 3:29 am
by spitstec
The "double i3" is a prusa i3 clone on which a second vertical frame is mounted. The first frame is for extrudeing plastic like a normal i3. The other frame is used for adding colour. The second frame works with a colorpod.

First experiments are done with clear PLA and water based ink. After a plastic layer is laid down the build plate moves to under the second frame where colour is added in the form of cyan, yellow and magenta ink.

Models are sliced with Cura and also with a full colour slicer. Each time before the extruder moves to the next layer special software lets the inkjet printhead move in a zigzag movement over the printed object. It all works with the stock marlin firmware in the i3. Signals for the unused second extruder now control electronics that lets Marlin switch output between the first and the second vertical frame.

This setup is build from 2 Geeetech Prusa I3 pro C kits. It prints the model with layers of 0.2mm.

The current setup produces mediocre colour results. It looks like the ink keeps on mixing after it is printed on the plastic. So now the models have poor contrast. Upcoming tests with other types of inks and filaments are in the pipeline.

If you want to see the double i3 printer in action you should come to the Eindhoven maker faire 2021 (25/9 to 26/9).

pictures at:

video at :