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User instructions

Post by Alex-w » Thu Jul 12, 2018 3:01 pm

About easyprint PC
V1.0.xx: Very old version and full of bug, I strongly recommand that you throw these semi-manufactures away.
V1.1.0-V1.1.7: Fatal error fixed, modules about network rewrited, slicer replaced, etc. I spent much time to fix those issues left over by history, but there were still some bugs in upgrading part.
V1.1.8-V1.2.0: Upgrading process optimization and bug fixed, some advanced features added.

CURA engine in easyprint PC
CURA engine in easyprint compiled with visual studio 2015, so it would require vc++2015 library installed in your computer before using slicer or throwing exception.
Strangely, some anti-virus softwares would identify CURA engine program(curaengine.exe) as Trojan and then delete it.

How to upgrade your firmwares
In our provided, there are two tools you can use to do that -- Easyprint or Smartto tool.
For the former, you can download it from
As for smartto tool. please star our smartto project in github( and you will find it in tools folder.
In fact, you cannot use other software like SecureCRT or Arduino to upgrade your firmware without any protocol modification. In detail, We used a variant of YMODEM protocol for communication between upper host and lower machine. If you want to further understand the details about upgrading, please PM me.

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