Ghe massage toan than

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Ghe massage toan than

Post by ledung88 » Wed Jun 17, 2020 4:56 pm

There is a new all air massage chair that I had the chance to try the other day. This is a new chair being released by Omega massage. It is called the Aires massage chair. Unlike most massage chairs, this one does not contain a mechanical roller for the back. Instead it uses an air compression system to deliver a soothing and relieving full body massage.

This chair works by using an air massage system. The air massage system works by utilizing an air pump. The air pump directs pressurized air through a number of solenoid valves which direct the air to contoured airbags specially designed to deliver a compression style massage.

A typical massage chair contains mechanical rollers which provide deeper penetration especially for the back. Most massage chairs do contain an air compression massage system as well. This particular massage chair only contains an air compression massage system.
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Re: Hi all and question.

Post by William » Thu Jun 18, 2020 9:18 am

Hi, can you provide related videos? Here you can upload compressed files
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